Sunday, July 24, 2011

Worst Politico Nominees for 2011

Nothing is worse than a pandering politician. This is the thread to nominate the Worst Politico for 2011. You Have until November 30, 2011 to nominate. Post your nominee in the comments section and I will list all current nominees here.

Matt Rodriguez, Lebanon OH city councilman: Matt Rotriguez is a big fat fish in a tiny pond. He makes the list for complaining taxpayer dollars are "wasted" on giving assistance to a disabled person because he is on the sex offender list.

"A Lebanon councilman said he is concerned taxpayer dollars are being used to house convicted sex offenders who are also classified as having mental illnesses.... Rodriguez has receipts of payment that shows the housing for one resident who is also listed on the Warren County Sheriff’s list of convicted sex offenders was being paid for by MHRS through an intermediary." And yet this fat bastard hasn't missed many meals or many opportunities to piss off his constituents.

He's so despised in his small town, a citizen even created a blog to warn people about Matt Rodriguez's bad performance and criminal history:

Cal Ludeman, MN ex-gov Tim Pawlenty aide and Commissioner of Human Services: Ludeman, now what a fitting name. He is a very lewd man. Ludeman screwed the public and registrants alike when he edited an official report on Minnesota's sex offender treatment programs to reflect Pawlenty's views on the subject.He should have been in the the Hardest Fall but he was never cited for lying to legislators.

A report on Minnesota's sex-offender program delivered to legislators in the final days of the Pawlenty administration was heavily edited by a top political appointee to reflect the former governor's skepticism about the effectiveness of treatment and to delete arguments for expanded community resources for offenders. A copy of the original report obtained by the Star Tribune shows more than 35 redactions in 63 pages, including complete paragraphs describing community treatment strategies. The original draft was written by teams of state and community mental health professionals. Cal Ludeman... [stated] that he edited the mandated report because "it was promising too much'' and the administration preferred to continue its emphasis on tougher prison sentences for sex offenders.

Ken Oswalt, Licking County OH prosecutor: Small town "justice" is rarely justice, even if that small hick town is nort of the Mason-Dixon line, and the thought of convicting a 12 year old for sex crimes is pretty repugnant unless you are a small town pol. Enter Ken Oswalt, who is appealing an Ohio Supreme conviction against a 12 year old boy who had apparently mutually consensual sex with an 11 year old boy.

"Justice Judith Ann Lanzinger wrote in the court's opinion."When an adult engages in sexual conduct with a child under the age of 13, it is clear which party is the offender and which is the victim. But when two children under the age of 13 engage in sexual conduct with each other, each child is both an offender and a victim, and the distinction between those two terms breaks down." Utah had a similar case a few years ago.

Mike DeWine, Ohio Attorney General: What is it about Ohio pols this year? This guy can't even get his stats right. You can watch this numbnut in action HERE, but below is a news story that sums it up nicely. COLUMBUS-- As he rolled out a new plan to protect Ohio kids from sex offenders, Attorney General Mike DeWine described predators as "clowns," "scum" and even "jackasses." "They're literally out there like sharks and they're going to hit just as fast as they can. We're going to hit back," DeWine said.  The "Crimes Against Children Initiative" includes a new unit at the Bureau of Investigation.   The plan is to hire 15 experts who will investigate child pornography cases online. The program also expands the number of special prosecutors in the Attorney General's office, creates a rapid response team, provides specialized training for local law enforcement, and aims to raise public awareness about convicted sex offenders who have not complied with registration laws. DeWine said plans for the program had been in the works weeks before a high profile sex abuse scandal broke out at Penn State University, but the case is a reminder. "My fear is that people will look at the tragedy of Penn State and say, 'Well that was over there' and not realize it happens every single day," DeWine said.  

Lisa Riniker, Grant Co. WI DA: Riniker is getting sued over prosecuting a six year old boy for sexual assault after he was caught playing doctor. If that wasn't enough to make her case for DA of the year (only in this case DA means Dumb Ass), she obtained a gag order to prevent the parents from speaking publicly about the case. She bypassed the parents and sent a court summons directly to the kid (threatening to lock him up if he doesn't show up), and is even demanding the kid sign an admission of guilt. Typical shameful behavior from another Nifong wannabe. 


Anonymous said...

Ken Oswalt deserves this award. He has proven his homophobia and fascination with little boys. Justice in his world is devastating a family of a 12 year old boy because the father was seeking counseling for his son due to some exploration with a boy a few months younger. The Ohio Supreme Court ruled 7-0 against Oswalt but he still pursues the case. At the same time, recommends diversion for 2 adults involved in sexual contact with a 15 year old boy. VOTE FOR KEN!!

Once Fallen said...

Voting will take place in December. Don't forgetto come back and vote.

Anonymous said...

The Ohio Supreme Court admonished his assistant prosecutor for the questionable decisions Oswalt made then they really took him to task for failing to address the investigative practice of the sheriff's office. Oswalt sends his boy to take his beating.

Once Fallen said...

Whoever was the anonymous coward who doesn't have the balls to address me like a man can count all the "hops" he wants but he's hoping in the wrong direction. Don't sing it, just bring it. Nothing worse than anonymous loser cowards who lack the guts to reveal himself. Pussy.