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Nominees for Holy Shiitakes Award 2011

This is the catch-all site for shiitake that does not fall into the other categories. This is the thread to nominate the Holy Shiitakes award for 2011. You have until November 30, 2011 to nominate. Post your nominee in the comments section and I will list all current nominees here.
____________________________________________________________ Pornographer Barbie: Usually, in any story involving Barbie, she's the air-headed bimbo. Not this time. The REAL airheads are the FBI agents who sent out worries this toy will be used by child pornographers to spy on kids or make CP. I wonder if these same keystone cops were responsible for the pedobear scare in last year's awards show. Mattel took it one step further by making Kidnapping Ken, complete with rusty van, a puppy, a trenchcoat, and candy. Okay I made up Kidnapping Ken but the FBI made up shit too.


evan-emory-studioEvan Emory gets 60 days for silly YouTube video: Evan Emory will spend 60 days in jail and two years on probation. Emory posted a video online that made it appear that he was singing a sexually explicit song to first-graders. The story goes like this-- this guy got permission to film first graders while he sings a child friendly song. Then he edited the video to make it look like he sang a sexually explicit song to the kids (which he didn't). It may have been in poor taste but it isn't criminal considering there have been similar videos out there. At least he doesn't have to register as part of a plea. Instead, the prosecutor should be in jail for wasting our time on this story.

Ector County TX fires woman for marrying a sex offender: An Odessa woman is suing the county after she lost her job. The reason she was fired? She married a man on the public registry. Though she worked as a juvenile probation officer, her husband had absolutely no contact with the teens. They fired her on association alone. Now she's suing the county; in the suit, Shirley Raymond is seeking $90,000 in lost income and benefits, $750,000 in future loss of income and $1.5 million for mental anguish, pain and suffering, in addition to reinstatement to her job. I hope she wins. That's Texass "justice" for you.


Carole Markin sues, claiming she was raped by a sex offender: Carole Markin is the "Jane Doe" in the alleged rape case. Markin's identity was revealed by Markin herself; in grand fashion, she sent out a press release where she calls herself "the Erin Brockovich of internet dating." Though she claimed she was not suing for money, she was gaining publicity for her story. Was it a coincidence she had a series of books about bad dating experiences? Match dot com caved in to her wishes, and is now using facial recognition software to delete members who look like sex offenders. Well if nothing else, she may get one award for her game-- a Shiitake Award.


 Karen Spears Zacharias outs registrant for commenting on her blog, thinks seeking help for her issues is "creepy:" Who is Karen? Allegedly a Christian author who boasts about being on, among other places, the 700 Club. She also writes books, one of them being a book about how fear kills faith. I agree, fear and faith are rather incompatible. I wonder if Jesus recently changed his laws to exclude reformed registrants, since Karen decided to out some guy who posted a few comments on her blog after someone pointed out he is a sex offender, and she decided to humiliate the guy by creating a blog post about him, "Sex Offender targets Christian women." From her own mouth: "Tonight I received a disturbing email from a blog visitor that has stopped me in my tracks. This reader was writing to advise me that one of the people in this blog community is a registered sex offender. As proof they sent me the link to the registration.
All this just makes me sick to my stomach. It makes me want to shut down this blog and all my other online activity and tell you all that if you want to read my writings, then buy my books... Here is the warning, in part, that I received and I’m putting out there for others to consider:- He uses flattery to establish an emotional connection with women online (classic grooming)- He acts as an advocate for women’s issues- He offers prayers for the slightest thing." She then asks her readers if she should post it up for all the world to see. She then goes on the defensive when confronted on her attack. Christianity has a word for that-- HYPOCRITE.


 Barbara Farris's proposed sex offender gulag: Barbie is the consummate desperate attention whore, a person with a mile long, and she's been represented here already (she's up for repeating in the "Everyday Zeroes"), but her scheme to run a "sex offender camp" in Sorrento, FL has pissed off both RSO activists and people on the other side alike.

Her new scam is called "Sex Offender Solutions," SOS, a mockery of SOSEN, as well as a knock on Randy Young, a guy who has run a sex offender housing and real estate in South Florida the past few years. She will humiliate you and demand $45 for an "application."


Idaho Republicans protest the reading of a sex offender bill: Midway through the afternoon, House Minority Leader Representative John Rusche (D-Lewiston) asked for a full reading of a 29-page Senate Bill dealing with sex offender registration.  Immediately, many chairs emptied on the floor.  After a few pages, Republicans started speaking out. "Mr. Speaker, I protest this," Representative JoAn Wood (R-Rigby) said from her seat on the floor.  "I feel sorry for the clerk to have to read this.  And not only that, I feel sorry for those of us that have to sit and hear this." Wood said she didn't think bill language involving descriptions of sex crimes should be read on the House floor.  She said it was more tolerable in it's one legally-required reading in committee. "Even though it is the law, I think it's inappropriate that it be read fully, in its entirety, and I would ask unanimous consent that we cease from reading the bill further.  Thank you Mr. Speaker," Representative Stephen Hartgen (R-Twin Falls) said. Democrats kept quiet, and the clerk stopped reading.  The bill passed.  Rusche said he did not object to stopping the bill reading because he understood the concerns. -- They SHOULD be apologizing to those who are forced to live under their latest law.

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