Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nominees for Everyday Zeroes 2011

Everybody wants their 15 minutes of fame, but in this case, its more shame than fame. This is the thread to nominate the Everyday Zeroes award for 2011. You have until November 30, 2011 to nominate. Post your nominee in the comments section and I will list all current nominees here.

Daniel R. Narron: This piece of shit teenager targets people with his car-

"Daniel R. Narron, 19, was arrested Friday and charged with attempted murder, attempted malicious wounding by mob, hit-and-run driving and misuse of the sex offender registry, said state police Sgt. Thomas Molnar. The victim called Hopewell police, who requested that Virginia State Police investigate the case. "From my understanding, Narron knew who this person was based information that Narron had previously obtained from the web site," Molnar said. "And he began harassing him about being a sex offender based on that information from the web site. Narron recognized him as a registered sex offender." "The public web site is out there for the public to use for informational purposes," Molnar said. "But Narron went above and beyond that. He took the information that he received from the web site and harassed this guy based on him being a sex offender."

UPDATE: This asshat got a whopping 11 months in jail :

Daniel R. Narron of Hopewell pleaded guilty in Hopewell Circuit Court to attempted unlawful wounding, a felony, and to disorderly conduct and hit and run, both misdemeanors.

Approving the terms of the agreement, Judge Samuel E. Campbell sentenced Narron to five years for the felony and 12 months for each misdemeanor charge, but the judge suspended all of the jail time. Narron, who has spent about 11 months in jail, was expected to be released today.
Also today, three co-defendants entered pleas to misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and failure to report an accident. Each was convicted and told the charges would be dismissed after one year if the defendants remain on good behavior._____________________________________________________________

Danielle Schneider: This lady was not happy with the sentence of a man a sex offender who allegedly abused her daughter, so she decided to start blogging about him, which she has done for two years. She decided attacking the alleged sex offender was not enough so she started attacking the family. Ultimately he was sued by her target, as the online harassment has prevented him from getting a job. She has also used this blog to beg for money for her large family. Her victim had enough and decided to sue Schneider. Sorry Danielle, if you win a Shiitake there is no cash prize. Too bad.

Michael Hill: This Alabama redneck doesn't like having a registered citizen as a neighbor so he's also decided to harass his neighbor by taking a page out of the Westboro Baptist Church playbook and made a "God Hates Rapists" sign.

The funny thing is Gill's neighbors have complained... about Gill.

For once the story did not drag out the victim to humiliate him.


Corey M. Wright of Predator Magazine: This man is owner of one of the many mug shot magazines out there, but this guy in particular is real special. Corey M. Wright has a criminal past-- he was busted for Grand Theft Auto and drug possession in California around 20 years ago. He is also a real potty-mouth, is a misogynist, and a racist, at least judging by his Facebook comments. He also makes many nasty comments on dating sites. He's a real outstanding citizen, alright, who may be breaking California law, so I may have to send his award to the jail if he wins.


Johnny "Northside" Hoff: So John Hoff thinks a snazzy nickname and a big mouth will net him a reality show. He's taking it one step further by actually filming promos and making a website for his reality show (hXXp:// If his movie actually becomes successful, I'm sure it will all be taken by the various lawsuits filed against him over the past few months, which included Hoff intentionally dodging court process servers. Ironic, huh?


Barbara Farris: Farris seems determined to repeat her Shiitake Award winning performance by pimping a reality show idea, BZZZ! Busted! It seems she is now in California for some reason.

I've had more viewers for the Shiitake Awards than she has for her show, even after Jane Velez Mitchell was promoting her on "Tissues." Barbara Farris was the only one who believe Casey Anthony's lame child abuse defense, which received heavy criticism for her usual stupidity.

Farris: "Well, whether they testified or not, she still shows the signs of it. And the point that we want to get to is if she was abused -- if the alleged abuse was true, that`s what created the situation. Sexual abuse happens and it affects a person for a generation. When you`re sexually abused, it causes abuse, it creates more abuse. It causes them to become abusive" -

If that wasn't enough, she wants to create a sex offender community in an isolated area in Florida. Imagine a vigi bitch like her running a sex offender program. 

David Rowe of No Peace For Predators: David Rowe is the self-proclaimed leader of a small vigilante group called "No Peace For Predators." The group's goal is "That the Sexual Predator becomes Exposed, Exiled, and ultimately, Extinct." He also claims to be a Christian while threatening people both online and in person, while posting his exploits online. Florida seems to encourage this behavior. 

Supposedly we are making him "famous." Well We can make him "award winning" as well.



Anonymous said...

Farris is one sick individual. She is a scammer to the bone. Selling her shit to try and make a buck. She pops up if she thinks she can latch on to some notoriety from big cases like CAnthony. She is in California? What a nutjob.

Anonymous said...

daniel narron is a piece of crap so is all his buddies. its not over pork chop, did you tell all your bros how you laid in the floor in the fetal position crying nearly everynight. oh yeh I knew somebody in the big house. crybaby not so big without your backup. your a punk