Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nominate The Worst News Mutt 2008

[NOTE: 2008 POLLING CLOSED! This post revised to reflect final nominees for the 2008 awards]

It is no secret the media plays a major role in shaping public opinion, so when media hounds shovel more poo than the local waste mangement board, it has long lasting consequences. These media hounds are more like media MUTTS, but for some strange reason, people hinge on their every words. Like a bad dog who poos on the floor, I thik these news mutts need their nose shoved in their own poo.

My first nominee for Worst News Hound is Lis Wiehl, the so-called "Legal Analyst" over at Fox News. Fox has a long tradition of airheaded windbags-- Bill O'Reilly, Wendy Murphy (see worst quotes for this airhead) and now Lis Wiehl. I have figured out how Fox finds legal analysts for their programming. What you do is find a helium tank and stick the hose in your ear, plug the other ear, ad turn on the air. If you lift off the ground, you're hired! Anyways, comments such as those below are the reason Fox is the cesspool of depravity and ignorance. Maybe Fox should stick with Family Guy and the Simpsons.
"Unthinkable…But sexual assault of a child is unlike any other crime. Why? Because someone who is willing to cross the line to pedophilia can never turn back. A shoplifter can be rehabilitated, a burglar can be rehabilitated, even a murderer can be rehabilitated. But not a pedophile. Once a pedophile, always a pedophile. And the children drawn in are the most hapless of victims…betrayed by the people most responsible for taking care of them…tragic."
Sadly, so many sheeple will believe every single comment this airhead just said. Sickening.
I put the bar high. Think any place can do worse than Fox?

WarpedOhio said...
Check out this guy -- Kevin Fischer, ALLEGEDLY an award winning news broadcaster AND legislative yes-man to Minnesota state senator Mary Lazich. THIS is how he treats those who oppose his idiocy in his commentaries:The organized out of state sex offender sympathizers strike, the same tired, old arguments. "Wouldnt you rather know WHERE that offender is living than having them homeless, hopeless, and unable to locate?"I'd rather have them nowhere near children.Magister, whoever you are, the people of Wisconsin don't agree with you. In three dozen communities, communities have taken the common sense step of either adopting or seriously considering measures to protect their families and neighborhoods. That is their duty and their right.I make no apologies for my stance and refuse to waver: pro-child, pro-family, anti-sex offender/predator." If he was pro-family, he wouldn't support efforts to destroy families of Former Offenders by forcing them out of his neighborhood. "The people of Greenfield can take measures into their own hands right now and I urge them to do so."So he now supports vigilantism. Its obvious he has a hidden agenda"Ahh, we've got the network of sex pervert apologists jumping now!Magister, there are many days I wish I was just a broadcaster.But I guess I'm just one of those dummies who doesn't understand that sex offenders never re-offend, that once they're out, they'e just like everybody else and should be allowed to live and go where ever they want, and under no circumstances should a city, town, or village ever consider passing laws in the interest of public safety."At least he admits to being a dummy LOL. "Fallenone (nice moniker) your comment is not being posted because it linked to a website loaded with profanities. I won't have that on my blog.By the way, folks, none of these "Take a sex offender out to lunch and pin a medal on him" yahoo's are from this sate and don't have a stake in our communities."I linked to my Residency Restrictions fact sheet. He considers the TRUTH about sex offender restrictions "profane." I think this clown is going to run away with THIS nomination!
September 12, 2008 1:41 PM
Kevin Fisher is at it again!
"And finally, here’s a story for all those sex offender apologists and sympathizers who flood my blog whenever I write about imposing tough restrictions on where offenders can live. They bleed all over my blog that the risk of re-offending is low, that parents and neighbors have little to fear.""Right on cue.Here come the hand wringers for the perverts. The deviates come first, not your kids."The most classic-- In response to comments about Foley and similar cases involving Republicans committing sex crimes, he offers this:"And there've been plenty of Democrats who've been naughty."NAUGHTY? Sex crimes are simply NAUGHTY?! This dude is a serious trip
October 11, 2008 10:31 AM

WarpedOhio said...
An editorial by Brandon Melnyk in the Grand Valley Lanthorn finds the local newspaper CONDONING VIGILANTE VIOLENCE!"Gibson was fed up with how long it was taking the police to respond to the error, and instead, she did what she believed was right. She protected her daughter the only way she knows how and took matters into her own hands..."When people simply expect someone else to take care of something — such as monitoring sex offender registries — the consequences can be dangerous. Stand up for what you believe in, even if that means taking matters into your own hands..."But, whichever way you look at this situation, Gibson’s message was sent loud and clear."Oh its loud and clear, you condone CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR
September 23, 2008 7:19 PM

WarpedOhio said...
Geez, another moron.Lisa Fritsch (rhymes with "bitch") of 590 KLBJ of Austin, Texas, was one of the morons raising money to bail out deranged vigilante and "everyday zeroes award" Angry Tammy Lee Gibson! The most ironic statement comes from Fritsch herself:"Whatever she has done in the past is not the point." Well whatever he had done in the past is not the point. He's a free man who served his time! Ever heard of "rehabilitation?" "The point is that when she took a bat to William Baldwin she was a hero. She had the courage to do what most of us should, but wouldn’t because we are the soccer moms in the minivans who are afraid to hurt someone’s feelings or we are afraid of how we might look. What Mr. Troyer should be thinking is that if everybody went out and beat up a sex offender, we might have a lot less sex offenders. This is the point. Home run and bravo to Ms. Gibson."No Fritsch-bitch. The point is condoning vigilante violence is vile, disgusting, and criminal, and more than a deserving of a Shiitake Award!
October 26, 2008 11:43 PM

Nominate the "Everyday Zeroes Award" 2008

[NOTE: 2008 POLLING CLOSED! Revised Post reflects the nominees for the 2008 Awards]

The "Everyday Zeroes Award" is for those common folk (no celebrities, newshounds, or politicos) who have used words or actions against Former Offenders in order to claim their 15 minutes of fame. Instead, the Shiitake Awards will grant them 15 minutes of SHAME.

My inaugural nominee is Tammy Lee Gibson, aka, "Angry Tammy," of Puyallup, Washington.
Upon hearing a Former Offender moved into her neighborhood, crazy Tammy went to his trailer and assaulted him with a baseball bat. Angry Tammy was charged with Second Degree Assault and Felony Harassment, but amazingly received less bail than her victim, who was arrested on "suspicion" of failure to register as a sex offender. Since when was attempted murder less of a crime than failure to register?
Tammy Lee Gibson has mile long criminal history, including pevious assaults and drug charges, yet, despite this, people were calling this nutjob a "hero," and a few people even sent her crack.. er, "bail" money
Worse, this looney toon was bailed out, despite threatening to kill her victim WHILE IN JAIL
Therefore, Angry Tammy Lee Gibson is my inaugural pick for the "Everyday Zeroes Award"

WarpedOhio said...,23739,24373344-3102,00.html,25197,24371317-2702,00.html
Nominee #2: Noel Watterson, the Aussie who formed a lynch mob to chase a Former Offender out of town. I question whether this old fart is REALLY an invalid, unless you count mentally invalid. Anyways, he ended up being forced to pay $2250.00 in crime compensation, and a suspended sentence. I say lock him up, because he defied a court order
September 23, 2008 6:56 PM

WarpedOhio said...
The story ids now archived but you can find the details here:
Nominee #3-- Travis Metcalf of Colorado:Metcalf admits he lost control of his emotions.“I was screaming at the top of my lungs at him,” said the 34-year-old Metcalf, a husband and a father of three children, ages 14, 12 and 5. “I ended up getting a ticket for disorderly conduct out of the deal.”And Travis Metcalf should have gotten more, in my opinion, to teach people a hard lesson about vigilante violence. And he isn't learning his lesson:"Despite his June 25 court date, Metcalf said he is keeping the pressure on Larsen by distributing fliers with Larsen’s picture and identifying information, and Metcalf is attempting to organize a 'parent watch' to raise public awareness. "If that wasn't bad enough, he defended his very actions on the blog provided by the local newspaper, not to mention was fiercely defended by cyberterrorist group Absolute Zero United
September 23, 2008 7:36 PM

Lmom said...
I nominate Adrian Porter, the nutcase who posted his neighbor's internet page all over the neighborhood and then tried to go after the same guy with a machete!http://
He got stopped by the former offenders' family and a friend of the family. He's in the hospital, but belongs in jail!
October 23, 2008 4:45 AM