Monday, January 26, 2009

Nominate 2009 Worst Politico of the Year

Louisiana Governor Piyush "Bobby" Jindal won the 2008 worst politico category and was a single vote away from a earning a second for Worst Quote. Could he win again? Or will a new politico take his place? There is certainly the potential for a new Worst Politico to emerge in a Democratically controlled government. Depends on who still insists on playing the sex offender trump card THIS year despite the budget crisis. Old habits are hard to break!

Nominate 2009 Worst State in the Union

Florida was voted Worst State in the Union of 2008, but it was not by much. Florida was still sending Former Offenders to live under bridges, increasing residency restrictions, and the condoning of vigilante style justice kept FLA-USA ahead of the pack. So will Florida claim ANOTHER national championship this year (And I don't mean Urban Meyer's stinking Gators)? Or will one of the other states wrest Florida's long-standing title of dumbest state in the union away this year? You decide!

Nominate 2009 Worst News Mutt

Kevin Fischer of Franklin NOW blogs was my personal pick for worst newcaster of 2008, and won hands down with over half the vote. Judging by my recent interactions with this clown, he's well in line for a repeat performance. However, there will be other news hounds willing to strip Fischer of his well-deserved title. After all, sex offender news equal rating, especially those designed to have the little old ladies and helicopter moms trembling in fear and loathing. Who will win the 2009 edition? Or will Kevin Fischer keep his title THIS year?

Nominate 2009 Everyday Zeroes (Vigilantes)

The "Angry Tammy" Tammy Lee Gibson case holds a special place in my heart... oh wait that's heartBURN. Sadly the worst vigilante of 2008, a woman with a mile long record of violent assaults and drugs, attempted to murder a man with a baseball bat, and who stated on TV she'd kill a man she barely knows, was canonized by the media and given little more than a slap on the wrist because her victim was a registered sex offender (never mind he was offense free for a decade before this and was convicted at age 14). Sadly, this only empowers armchair vigilantes to follow Angry Tammy's lead. I'd rather not have to fill THIS category, but I have a bad feeling this category will be filled thanks to the sad legacy of Angry Tammy and the cowardice of Prosecutor Sunni Ko, who bases the decision to plead out on the belief people won't prosecute. Thus, this "Award" may stand as the only mark of shame to a scumbag vigilante seeking his or her 15 minutes of fame. But I digress...

Nominate 2009 Hardest Fall (Political Scandals)

Without a doubt, Mark "The Page Master" Foley has proven that the bigger they are, the harder they fall. With politicos, its not a matter of IF but WHEN. We had quite a few bigwigs caught with their pants down, both figuratively and literally. But one thing they all had in common- a lack of accountability. Funny how Foley STILL minimizes and denies his actions. Anyhoo, we can always expect a few good sex scandals in our government as long as they continue to lie to the people about the nature of sex crimes, and demand these laws that don't apply to them. Sadly, this Shiitake Award may serve as their only true punishment this year!

Nominate 2009 Dumbest Law of the Year

The dumbest sex offender law of 2008 was, without a doubt, the atrocious Adam Walsh Act. But 2009 is already starting with the latest wave in feel good yet counterproductive laws. The economy may tank the nominee pool, but I'm confident there will be more than enough dumb laws to fill this awards site. After all, sex offender legislation is still a politico's favorite trump card!

Nominate 2009 Worst Quote of the Year

Last year's John Walsh "Anus chips" comment was so bad, it won a tight race for the 2008 Shiitake Award for worst quote of 2008. But 2009 is a new year, and with the economy tanking and politicians under increased pressure, you can be rest assured our favorite politicos, celebrity advocates, and media pushing tough-on-crime measures will say something dumb enough this year to warrant a Shiitake Award! So nominate the dumbest quote of 2009 today

[Note: the only catch is you can't nominate any of last year's quotes. HOWEVER, you CAN nominate different quotes from the same person, and if he has multiple dumb quotes, nominate him multiple times. The category IS worst QUOTE after all LOL]