Friday, September 12, 2008

Worst Politico Nominations 2008

[Note: POLLING FOR 2008 HAS CLOSED! This post has been edited to reveal all nominees of the 2008 Awards edition...]

The worst politico, now this category should be overflowing! Where to start? There's a potential pool already at, but this site wants to give special nomination to the worst of the worst.

The 2008 Worst Politico Nominees:

Gov. Jindal of Louisiana. He calls ALL Former Offenders "monsters," wants to ship all of the to Angola Prison, and passed legislation sending Former Offenders to segregated Hurricane Shelters, not to mention he's trying to pressure SCOTUS to reverse the recent decision barring states from execute people committing sex cimes WHERE NO DEATH WAS INVOLVED. Oh, and the castration bill.

Arizona Senator/ Republican Presidential candidate John McCain--"John McCain has taken a hard line against pedophiles that would use the Internet to prey upon children by proposing the first-of-its-kind national online registry for persons who have been convicted of sex crimes against children. Senator McCain's legislation requires that sex offenders register all online accounts in a national database that can be used by law enforcement to investigate crimes against children. If these predators fail to register they would be sent to prison for ten years. The legislation also makes use of the Internet an "aggravating factor" in sex crimes against children, adding an additional ten years to any conviction"Ironically, McCain DOESN'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO USE A COMPUTER! Yet he penned the KIDS Act of 2008, a rehash of the other 3 failed laws he proposed limiting internet usage.

Anonymous said...
I nominate the governor of California, Arnold Schwartzeneger, aka the gropenator! He has passed more stupid, useless offender laws than any other governor ub the US.

MSLGWCEO said...
Houston County District Attorney Doug Valeska. We ALL need to go after this ignorant son-of-a-bitch.Houston County District Attorney Doug Valeska, is a number 1 ass hole. Another Mike Nifong!!!What can I say!! Read this! visit

Monday, September 1, 2008

Worst State in the Union 2008

[NOTE: 2008 POLLING CLOSED! Revised post reflects the final nominees for the 2008 Awards]

Why didn't I think of this before?

Worst state in the union for sex offender laws! Not all states are created equal, and this is a place to tell me which is the worst of the worst!

My pick is Ohio. You know how Missouri is the "show me" state (insert joke)? Well, Ohio could be the "Me First" state. It seems wirh every idiotic RSO law idea that comes down the pike, Ohio has to be first in line, just like that fat bully kid at chow time. A quick run down of the Ohio "Me First" attitude. Ohio was the FIRST state to implement the Abominable Walsh Act. They passed it just in time to keep all those guys about to get off the registry after 10 years back on it. They apparently also wanted to be the first to get sued as well! Don't forget we have that idiotic civil registry, which allows you to put people on a sex offender registry without a conviction. Why is Joshua Lunsford not on it, by the way? Ohio wants to be the first to pass those puke green license plates, and also the first to place microchips in former offenders like you would Fido. Start with Mark Dann LOL!

Anonymous said...
Louisiana! Check out the laws they keep passing - and then adding TO the laws they pass making it harder and harder to live there as a former sex offender! Castration bill, residency restrictions added, mandatory minimums for "Computer Aided Solicitation of a Minor" yet it's not so for having sex with a minor! It's actually harsher punishment for talking about sex than having it in Louisiana! Come on! What can be worse than this state! [Don't forget segregated hurricane shelters]

WarpedOhio said...
To round out the voting:Add Florida, because they send RSOs to live under bridges. [In one county, they can't even get government grants]

Add Texas, because they won't even let you attend CHURCH! Or even drive by it!