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Nominees for Dumbest Quotes 2011

Our culture prides itself on its stupidity, but it takes a special breed of person to carry that stupidity into office. This is the thread to nominate the Worst Politico for 2011. You Have until November 30, 2011 to nominate. Post your nominee in the comments section and I will list all current nominees here.

Patrick H. Head, Cobb Co. GA prosecutor: In a Faux News Article regarding states spending four times as much on incarceration than education, Dick, er, Pat Head throws out this gem of a quote:

I think you could spend an unlimited amount of money on education and it will never eliminate crime. We have crime committed by people that have no respect for human life; we have crimes committed by people who have no respect for property.” He went on to say, "[criminals] will use that education and they will use that intellect in order to commit their crimes.” Spoken like a true persecutor. Why waste money on educating our youth, eh? Its far easier to catch them if they are dumber than the pursuers. Only problem is, the pursuers will come out of that same uneducated batch.

Judge T. Jordan Gallagher, 16th Judicial District court judge, Illinois: In ruling on a case where a low level registrant was serving as coach of a youth baseball team, Judge Gallagher sentences the man to electronic home monitoring,  24 months of a specialized probation for sex offenders and ordered him to re-enroll in a counseling program that he participated in following his original arrest. He was also ordered to undergo a new psychiatric evaluation, despite evaluations showing the registrant has no attraction to boys. In addition, Gallagher gives us this comment:

You are a sex offender and there are rules, and whether you like them or not, you’ve got to follow them. You’re a second-class citizen and will be for the rest of your life.” Judges are lowest class.

 Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett: Picking on a hick town pol is like picking on a kid with mental retardation; he's an easy target but you feel guilty doing it because, well, he's retarded. In this case, one with a bad combover. There is a joke in Alabama we love to say, and it goes like this: How do you get to Knoxville? North till you smell it, and East till you step in it. So he's a rather big city mayor (By the way, since when do COUNTIES have Mayors?) so its not as bad. So, in passing a ban of registrants from public libraries, his reply was, "The time to shut the barn doors is before the cows get out.  After you have an event where there is an abduction or a kid molested in a bathroom, it's too late." I wonder if he picked a banjo and shouted Yee-haw!" while saying this. The rest of his gems:
"I'm kind of sick of this notion that we have to offer equal access to things, they can still access everything on a computer or have other people check books out."  Later: “I don’t know what they’ve pled down to,” he explains in a phone interview, noting that some offenders were originally charged with more serious crimes. “What about the rights of the innocent children whose lives have been ruined? What about the innocent woman who has been raped? What about their rights?” Burchett says he has zero concerns that he is violating the rights of sex offenders and isn’t worried about a lawsuit.Yee-haw! He ignores a ruling in New Mexico that found the bans unconstitutional.


 Matt Kanai, general counsel for law enforcement for the state attorney general’s office: Ohio has a lot of representation in the dumb quotes this year.
Matt Kanai, general counsel for law enforcement for the state attorney general’s office, said registration isn’t meant to punish the offenders; it is a tool for the public. Sex offenders, he said, are viewed as people who will likely attack again, so keeping tabs on them and providing their locations to the public is a service.
“Sex offenders do tend to operate in their neighborhood. Crimes like murder aren’t neighborhood specific. They are not necessarily looking at everyone that’s mowing their yard or walking down the sidewalk as their next potential victim,” Kanai said. “Murders happen in the heat of the moment or in a bar or liquor store. Those people aren’t thinking when I see people walking down the street I want to go murder that person, but sex offenders we do have that concern, that every person is a potential victim.”
 Only a politician thinks like this.

 Tuscumbia AL police Chief Tony Logan: Logan is a special case because he's not only a small town cop, he's a police chief currently serving probation for DUI. How he even has the job is beyond me. They must be desperate in Tuscumbia. Anyways, Logan the Lush was interviewed by the Times Daily on Halloween laws. Here is a gem from Logan, and I'm hoping it's just the alcohol talking:

I know parents are concerned and it’s a concern for law enforcement,” Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan said. “There are a couple of times a year I refer to as a pedophile’s dream come true. This is one of those times.” Actually, kids are at far greater threat from car accidents. You know, like when drunks who are three times the legal limit drive.

 Manda Hicks, Bandera Co. Sheriff's Office: There is something special about small town Sheriff's Offices. It seems fitting to have someone named "Hicks" working at a hick-town sheriff's office. The News media really deserve an award just because they published this BS, but this woman deserves it more. Supposedly there is this network of sex offenders telling people where the best places to hide and possibly re-offend are, and some Podunk town in Texas is allegedly on this list. I never even heard of Bandera until now, but Hicks lets out a real gem of a bad quote. "They might be communicating with each other," Hicks said. "So we are trying to find out if there's a sex offender network." Earth to Manda, now we know you exist. Don't worry, most of us have no desire to live in the sticks and chase tumbleweeds and tip cows.


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