Saturday, June 26, 2010

2010 Worst Politico Nominees

It was actually fairly quiet in the political world this year but there were still plenty of politicos pandering for your vote for the worst Politico of 2010. Below are the nominees:

Nebraska AG Jon Bruning: Bruning called a defense attorney an "Apologist for sex offenders" and claimed a judge was "Out of control" after a district judge blocked part of a new sex offender law from being enforced.


CA Gubernatorial Candidate Douglas Hughes: Hughes promised that, if elected, he would give convicted sex offenders three options-- be exiled from California for life, remain in prison for life, or live on Santa Rosa Island (a self supporting community for pedophiles and sexual offenders). Thankfully, he lost in a landslide.


AL Gubernatorial Candidate Tim James: What is it with GOOBERnatorial candidates this year? Tim James gained notoriety this year for his infamous (and often spoofed) "This is Alabama- We Speak English" ad, but he was also running on a sex offender platform that included distorting the famed US Department of Justice statistics that show RSOs have by far the lowest recidivism rate. Thankfully he lost in the primaries.


Ron and Lauren Book: Does it seem fair to pit a duo against a single person? Not unless the second person acts as a puppet for someone else's campaign. Ron Book, who finally succeeded in destroying his own Julia Tuttle Causeway camp, began a disturbing trend by running a rather dishonest fundraising campaign headed by Ron Book. In the end, they passed more legislation that will ultimately create more problems than it solves.


Surviving Parents Coalition (SPC): Not to be outdone by the Books, the SPC, a group run by Mark Lunsford, is a lobbyist group posing as a victim's rights and resource center. Recently, they took the Book's partial walk fundraiser and turned it into a partial bike ride across the country. The point of all this was to "raise a million dollars to walk the halls of Congress" to promote laws that have already passed. It was largely a commercial flop, as many are catching on to Lunsford's schemes.

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