Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nominate the 2010 ICBS National CHUMPionship!

Which state was the worst at exploiting sex offender laws and issues? FLORIDA is the two time national CHUMPS. Can anyone kick Florida off its lofty perch? Nominate worthy contenders to this award today!

FLORIDA, THE DEFENDING NATIONAL CHUMPIONS: Will Florida Three-peat? After all, Florida gave us the Books, the "Walk in my Shoes" rally, Senator Aronberg's double talk, Barbara Farris and other crazed vigilantes, and the destruction of the Bookville/ JTC camp, only to have them sleeping in a parking lot.


CALIFORNIA, THE MOLDEN STATE: You have an actor for a governor. Too bad the "Gropinator" sucks worse at acting like a governor than acting in general. The Golden state has grown stale, with budget shortfalls in the billions, the state decided instead of balancing the budget, they focused on "Chelsea's Law," the worst legislation since Prop 83. Oh, don't forget Cali has a vigilante representing them in the Everyday Zeroes. Apparently happy cows aren't the only thing coming from Cali this year.


MARYLAND, THE SAME OLD LINE STATE: I'm almost ashamed to admit I was born there. As the underdog of this fight, Maryland didn't get the amount of attention the big states in this category received, but they broke all manners of records by introducing 85 pieces of legislature targeting sex offenders. That's right. Eighty-five. Like Cali, the legislation was prompted by a high-profile case, but instead of one big bomb like Cali's Chelsea's law, Maryland decided on quantity approach.

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