Saturday, June 26, 2010

2010 Worst News Mutt Nominees

News Mutts, Media Whores, and uninformed would-be reporters fill the media with myths, misinformation, and outright lies. 2010 had more than its fair share, and once again the Worst News Mutt has the lions share of nominees:

John G. Winder, The Cypress Times: It is sad to see such ignorance and fear mongering coming from a Christian site, but reading "The Monster Next Door: The Plague of Sex Offenders" will leave little doubt as to why he was nominated. Any person who quotes Family Watchdog, scares people with comments about "blood red" dots and gratuitous use of the word "monster" should get a nomination. Granted, he published my retort, but you have no idea what I went through to get it publish it. I had to rewrite it multiple times, plus he was a major asshole about it, not allowing me to challenge his words or even allude to it.

Rusty Ray, Big 3 News: It seems pairs of similar people with similar agendas are the theme of 2010. Like Winder, Rusty Ray runs another independent faith-centered news media outlet, "Big 3 News." Rusty gets a nomination for his article attacking one of his readers while quoting (the now defunct) slander site "Wikisposure" as a legitimate news source. Again, this proves why journalism is better left to professionals (though that is not a guarantee either)

Lisa Guerrero, Inside Edition: Oh yes, another pair is coming, this time from Inside Edition. To make it more ironic, this nominee posed for the soft-core porn mag "Playboy" (a little fact she's actually hoping people will forget someday). As part of the Inside Edition gossip show trying to pose as a serious report, Guerrero heckled sex offenders for... *gasp* having a job! She also did a show on McNeil Island (aka "Sex Offender Island," a civil commitment center) and another fearmongering show, "The Predator Next Door" with Dr. Phil.


Jim Moret, Inside Edition: The other half of the Inside Edition duo. His nomination came from his opinion piece "Sex Predators - Trail Them or Jail Them." He proposes microchip implants, or as he calls it, "a digital scarlet letter: P for Predator." "Don't whine about civil rights." Can we put a microchip in him instead?


Rick Roberts, KFMB 760: Roberts was nominated for a Shiitake Award but lost to Wendy Murphy, so apparently he was determined to win this year. He was so determined, in fact, he did an entire half hour long diatribe filled with blatant lies and misquoted stats, too many to post here. You can listen to the show in question by clicking on the link HERE.


Randy Cauthron, Spencer Daily Reporter: I'm never surprised by negative op ed pieces in local papers, but allegedly newspapers have a degree of journalistic integrity. So how is it a newspaper prints an article where it is suggested "one-bullet" legislation is the ideal? It promotes vigilantism. He also supports the sex offender island idea.


Abbie Alford, Fox 23 Tulsa: Abbie was punked by a guy in a "Pedobear" costume at a comic book convention. A poorly written article, Alford manages to distort the interview of the law enforcement agent, claiming Pedobear, a silly internet meme created to mock sex offender stereotypes, is now a "way for pedophiles to signify connection with one another." And beware people in costumes, they're all pedophiles trying to cop a feel.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, CNN: What nomination would be complete without one of the Harpies? Her show, "Issues," should be called "Tissues," as in Toilet tissue, because it is obvious she's full of shiitake. In addition to getting TWO nominations for quote of 2010, Jane has become the only news personality to give major publicity to the unsuccessful Lunsford scheme "Ride For Their Lives." She also supports vigilantism. Take a look at the pic on the left-- after the pic was taken, I'd wager she pulled an "Ozzy Osbourne."


Wendy Murphy, Legal Analyst: To spoof Eminem, "Wendy's back, back again, Wendy's back, tell a friend..." After all, she's got to defend her title, and to pair with fellow harpy Jane Velez-Mitchell. . Be sure to look out for her upcoming book, "The Parent's Guide to Raping a Pedophile With a Pitchfork," available on Amazon Kindle. In addition to continuing to maintain all accused of sex crimes are automatically guilty, she still spews quotes to non-existent statistics while making a total ass of herself on TV.

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