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Nominate 2009 Worst Politico of the Year

Louisiana Governor Piyush "Bobby" Jindal won the 2008 worst politico category and was a single vote away from a earning a second for Worst Quote. Could he win again? Or will a new politico take his place? There is certainly the potential for a new Worst Politico to emerge in a Democratically controlled government. Depends on who still insists on playing the sex offender trump card THIS year despite the budget crisis. Old habits are hard to break!


WarpedOhio said...

Reposted from the 2008 Worst Politico nominees, since this nomination came in after voting began.

rubyingladwin said...
Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox for making such bold claims as he protects children yet had the MI legislators making "dead beat dads" (his verbage--not parents) who are behind in child support a felony punishable with time in state prison system. Oh it gets better with this law, the dead beat dad (s) will have to pay restitutions, back support and if the AG is able to get money out of the prisoner for MI's prisoner reimbursement act the state will go after that also. Now what kind of lawyer dipshit like Cox conjures up a law that is not benefiting a child whatsoever?
Let's see:
Behind on support--go to prison.
Behind on support in prison--pay support and restitution.
Behind on support in prison--pay support, restitution and if AG is able pay the state back for housing you.

But that isn't all Mike Cox boasts about with child protection. His office and Perverted Justice performed two sting operations in 2008. So Mike Cox put the personal information of MI and out of state residents into the hands of anonymous people who are able to execute their vile onto innocent family members (some with children) of those who were targeted by PJ decoys. Let alone the chats are posted on the Perverted Justice website with the targets personal information. Gosh Mike Cox I wonder how the children of those targeted by Perverted Justice feel and you used their services.

Way to go Mike Cox, I see your law school education served you well.

November 14, 2008 2:18 PM

More on that Cox guy:

Anonymous said...,2933,135219,00.html

Here are some links to show Cox's little concern for children.

Don't forget Mike Cox and Terry Lynn Land allowed illegal aliens to obtain Mich. drivers license during first terms in office.

December 7, 2008 2:51 PM

WarpedOhio said...

Republican US Senator David Vitter and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has no shame! So they should be nominated for this year.

I know the Vitter scandal is in 2007, but what is amazing (or not) is that not only is he still a Senator, he has support from Bobby "all sex offenders are monsters" Jindal.

12/4/08 BATON ROUGE, La. — Republican U.S. Sen. David Vitter, stained by an escort service scandal, has lined up fundraising help from a hefty list of Louisiana elected officials, including popular and prominent GOP Gov. Bobby Jindal.

Jindal is headlining next week's Washington, D.C., fundraiser for Vitter, who is running for re-election in 2010.

Its the usual spiel -- sex scandal, public apology, the backing of another anti-sex offender crusader, and the obligatory sex offender law:

In April 2008, Vitter introduced an amendment to continue funding the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act which was excluded from the 2008/2009 budget

Anonymous said...

Lobbyist Ron Book is one sick son of a bitch. If I ever meet him I'll spit on this piece of shit!

Lobbyist pushed laws that push outcasts into homelessness

In the bowels of the Julia Tuttle Causeway, an ever-growing number of community outcasts live amid the putrescence of a shocking community failure.

No fresh water. No toilets. No trash dumpster. And no indication, after two years watching a public disgrace metastasize into a public health hazard, that the $41 million-a-year Miami-Dade County Homeless Trust would intervene.

Wednesday afternoon, I called and left a message for Homeless Trust Director David Raymond. The call was returned by the ubiquitous Ron Book.

Book, among his many incarnations, serves as chairman of the Homeless Trust. But the colony of sex offenders beneath the bridge were essentially forced into homelessness by a burst of overlapping city and county residency restrictions championed by this same Ron Book.

Book, the most powerful lobbyist in South Florida, pushed for sex-offender restrictions in town after town. When Book pushes a city commission, he gets results.


I wanted to know why the Homeless Trust hasn't provided a few basic necessities for a homeless camp. It was the wrong Book to ask. He launched into a defense of the laws that put them there. And he claimed that the restrictions leave three areas in the county not yet off limits for sex offenders.

But Greta Plessinger of the Florida Department of Corrections said those areas just aren't affordable. ``The bottom line is that we've been working with the offenders, but we haven't been able to find a legal place for them to live that they can afford.''

Book countered, ``If those people aren't employable, if they don't have financial resources, that's

an issue of their criminal convictions. There are people convicted for other offenses who have similar difficulty finding housing.''

Except other convicts aren't forced to live under a bridge.

The colony has burgeoned to 48 men, living in tents, scrap-wood shacks, rusting campers, the back seats of cars. Thirty-three are on probation, most after serving prison terms. The others are forced to live there because, under Florida law, ''sex offender'' becomes a life-long designation.

Plessinger said that residency laws intended to protect the public have the perverse effect of making ex-sex offenders more difficult for DOC to monitor. ``We're concerned that it's more dangerous. That homeless sex offenders are more likely to abscond.''


Most social scientists, and studies by corrections officials in Minnesota and Colorado, have come to the same conclusion. But the wisdom of residency laws was beside the point. All I wanted to know was why the Homeless Trust, which has done so much heroic work for Miami's transient population, hasn't at least provided a trash dumpster for the Tuttle outcasts.

Book said no. He has a policy against providing services (such as outdoor feedings) that enable the homeless to remain adrift. Except laws that Book championed preclude ex-sex offenders from entering a homeless shelter.

The men have been banished to a dank permanent netherworld that Book, as much as anyone, helped create. Shouldn't the trust do something?

''You should pose that question to the Department of Corrections,'' Book insisted. ``They put those people there.''

WarpedOhio said...

Jindal certainly is staking his claim as the possible first Shiitake Award Repeat performance!

There’s a village in India missing its idiot
March 12th, 2009 by Riley Firth

So, I’ve got a secret for you this week. Don’t tell the Republican Party, but Bobby Jindal is a big douche. If you don’t know who Bobby Jindal is, he’s the governor of the shit-tastic state of Louisiana, and also apparently the future of the GOP.

The first-generation American from the deep south was chosen to offer to rebuttal to President Barack Obama’s address to Congress - often a speaking slot that signals the party has some interest in putting them up as a presidential contender, or, apparently as an alternative, a replacement for Mr. Rogers.

Gov. Bobby Jindal, delivering his rebuttal to President Obama’s address.

More telling still is that Gov. Jindal has visited seven other states in his quest to raise campaign funds - supposedly for a 2011 governor’s race in Louisiana, but you would think he’d have more luck winning a second term in his home state by not, say, being a dumbass.

A big bag of dicks. Completely unrelated.

What am I talking about? Oh, just that Jindal is a goddam lunatic, and here’s why…

1. It’s not a good idea to turn down unemployment money from the government when your industries are collapsing.

Bobby Jindal is among a handful of Republican governors debating refusing some or all of the stimulus money being sent out by the federal government. Specifically, Jindal does not want to accept the stimulus funds directed toward unemployment, saying it has a provision that would require Louisiana to raise taxes in the future to fund the expanded benefits.

Now, the fact that Louisiana pays some of the lowest taxes in the country aside… what the hell are you thinking, Jindal!? I could understand if Louisiana did not face a higher unemployment burden in the next year, but the mass layoffs happening around the state tell me that is not the case.

Alright, so you don’t like the stimulus plan, Jindal. Ideology aside, though, don’t you give a damn about your citizens? Apparently not, since you want to kill them, too.

2. Bobby Jindal wants to kill sex offenders.

That’s right. Bobby Jindal involved himself in a battle with the Supreme Court to keep a convicted child rapist on death row. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big fan of child molestors, but expanding the list of crimes for which you can execute people is dangerous business, especially if you’re a nutjob conservative. The Supreme Court struck down that hope, so instead, Jindal pushed a bill to allow judges to sentence sex offenders to indefinite civil confinement - a slightly more reasonable sentence.

Oh, did I mention that he also signed a bill allowing for chemical castration? Alright, so the guy doesn’t give a shit about the unemployed, and he wants to kill or, barring that, castrate people. It can’t be much worse, right? But it is.

3. He can’t do math.

Seriously. At all. I mean, I haven’t looked at his school records or anything, but clearly Jindal doesn’t know dick about basic math, or he’d realize that cutting taxes while facing a budget shortfall is retarded, yet that seems to be his solution to the budgetary woes of the state.

Louisiana has a projected $1.3 billion budget shortfall in the upcoming fiscal year, so what does Jindal do? Propose extending tax breaks for the entertainment industry. Oh, but it’s okay, nevermind! He knows that will hurt the budget more, so he claims the lost $8 million will be made up by cuts in the budget (hint: education and healthcare, the two largest portions of the budget without protection under the state constitution). What do I expect, though? He’s the guy chosen to lead this bunch of lunatics, who also think cutting the source of state revenue is a good idea when the state has no goddam idea how to pay for the next year.


All that being said, I’d like to officially offer my support for Gov. Bobby Jindal’s presidential run on the Republican ticket in 2012. I mean, I’m not going to vote for him, but I’m telling you, Michael Steele, this is the guy your party wants. The GOP really need to get behind this guy. Really. The world doesn’t think you’re a bunch of dimwits enough already.

WarpedOhio said...

Loudoun Commonwealth's (Virginia)Prosecuting Attorney Jim Plowman is the next Nifong, maliciously prosecuting a school official who investigated allegations of teen sexting in his high school and who followed proper procedure in accordance with the proper guidelines of the school. Thankfully the judge in this case had a BRAIN and dismissed the case. Below is Plowman's retort about the decision:

Despite the ruling, Plowman, the prosecutor, stands by his initial assessment of the photo.

"The issue of whether it meets the definition under the statute ... goes to whether it is lewd," he says. "This one I felt was [lewd] because of the focus of the picture, which was the private areas ... and the provocative pose she was in. The judge felt it didn't meet the precedent case law for child pornography, but it was apparently provocative enough of a photograph that he saw fit that it should be sealed."

Plowman insists he never intended to seek prison time for Oei. He would have been satisfied with a fine, probation and Oei's resignation. The case would never have gone this far, he says, if Oei had resigned when asked.

"I thought that was a just and appropriate sanction for his behavior," he says. "But he was unwilling to be responsible for any kind of accountability for what he did."

86Jane said...

I'm still voting to give the 2009 Worst Politico Award to Bobby Jindal.
I am convinced he is a re-incarnate of Hitler with his twisted plan to send all men, women, and children listed on registries to Angola prison.
Will lethal gas be released in their cells like in Nazi Germany, Mr. Jindal?
Despite protests, he still wants to go ahead with his plan. The man is evil. Bobby deserves this award again.
Perhaps Mike Cox can be a runner up?

WarpedOhio said...

There'll be plenty of time for debating once the voting begins on Nov. 1. But my money is on Ron Book.

WarpedOhio said...

Technically he's not a politician but he's a government worker so he belongs here.

Sex Offender Registry Board Workers Questioned Over Facebook Use
Team 5 Investigates Uncovers Bias

BOSTON -- For Tyson Lynch, Facebook is as much about social networking as it is a way to tell friends about his confidential state job deciding who is a threat to you and your children. Lynch is a hearing examiner at the Sex Offender Registry Board in Salem, a job that's considered crucial to public safety.

"They're instrumental," said attorney Terrence Noonan. "Those are the people who are making the final assessment of dangerousness. And if they get it wrong, either way we all suffer."

Lynch has a reputation among some defense attorneys of not being fair.

"He's expressing opinions about how these hearings have been conducted, essentially showing that he's made up his mind before they're finished," said attorney Eric Tennen.

For example, Lynch wrote on his Facebook account how he gets "great satisfaction" out of denying motions and that: "It's always a mistake when people testify because they get destroyed in cross examination." Fellow hearing examiner Mel Maisel used her Facebook account to comment, "But it's so entertaining."

"This is not entertaining," said Tennen. "These are people's lives we're talking about."

Team 5 Investigates counted dozens and dozens of status updates, quizzes and other posts since the day Lynch wrote about his hiring last October.

This raises questions from defense attorneys.

"If he misses something, then it may very be that a high level offender gets a low level classification that the public never knows and maybe vice versa," Tennen said.

On one workday at 3:47 in the afternoon Lynch turned to quizzes like which Supreme Court justice is he? Answer: Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Here's something lawyers and witnesses should know: He hates the word "lascivious" and you better not type in Arial font. He won't trust you.

"Have you ever personally drafted something in Arial font?" reporter Sean Kelly asked Tennen. "I haven't so I guess I'm safe when it comes to Tyson Lynch."

Not entirely. Once he bragged about "putting the smack-down on some crazy attorney." Without naming anyone he called others "incompetent." One morning he wrote: "It's always awkward when I see one of my pervs in the parking lot after a hearing."

He encountered Team 5 Investigates there as well. "Can I ask you a few questions about your Facebook use?" Kelly asked Lynch outside the Sex Offender Registry Board offices. "Is there a reason why you're spending so much time on Facebook? Don't you take your job seriously?" asked Kelly but Lynch said nothing.

He finally made his account private months after posting that his agency "has been the subject of too many news exposes" while wondering if he should "seek alternate career plans."

"Every single one of his decisions has to be redone and looked at," Noonan said.

"Every case that he's heard has to be re-examined to determine whether or not he was biased, whether or not he was fair and whether or not he gave the person a legitimate hearing and classification," Tennen said.

The head of the Sex Offender Registry Board refused our request for an interview and refused to tell us what, if any, disciplinary action Lynch and his fellow hearing examiners will face. A Board spokesman also refused to tell us whether or not Lynch's decisions will be reviewed. The agency claims it has taken firm steps to make sure that this will not happen again.

Copyright 2009 by All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

Anonymous said...

Although Jindal is up there in my book of IDIOTS, I nominate Texas' Governor Rick Perry for vetoing a much needed Romeo and Juliet law after it overwhelmingly passed in both the House and Senate. He said "it won't protect the children". What? Did he READ it????? I don't think so! Here's your sign Governor Perry and I pray you don't get re-elected. We need someone to READ and KNOW the Constitution in the state of Texas. (so does Louisiana!)

WarpedOhio said...

George Runner (from the truth), Cali State Senator

by Senator George Runner - State Capitol (bio) (email)(print)

1-14-2009 4:25 pm
My Wednesday morning began earlier than usual with a sunrise call from Los Angeles radio station KFI requesting to discuss a report released by California's Sex Offender Management Board, a state commission that monitors and analyzes sex offender laws in California.

Apparently SOMB's latest report suggests that California should overturn a provision of Prop 83: Jessica's Law that restricts paroled sex offenders from living 2,000 feet from schools, parks and other places where children gather.

I had already discussed the report with members of the SOMB and the Los Angeles Times the day previous so I was not caught off guard by the KFI reporter. Matter of fact, I prepared myself for one of those days where I would receive emails and calls from Californians understandably upset by yet another news story condemning Jessica's Law.

I told the KFI reporter what I told everyone else: I am disappointed by the report's recommendations, which has suggested in a vague manner that the Legislature and Governor toss the will of the voters aside in favor of the rights of sex offenders - some of whom may have been inconvenienced by the 2,000-foot living restriction.

The report flatly fails to show actual evidence that supports the board's idea that sex offender residency laws in California should be abandoned.

The report also fails to address the fact that California's Jessica's Law includes Global Positioning Satellite monitoring of sex offenders in conjunction with housing restrictions. Many of the states that have adopted a Jessica's Law do not include GPS monitoring. With all due respect to those other states, GPS monitoring is an essential partner to living restriction. Without GPS monitoring, many sex offenders have the opportunity to go underground.

So facts are this: Every sex offender paroled in California since 2006 is now wearing GPS and monitored by the State Corrections and Rehabilitation Department. Each of these sex offenders are restricted from living closer than 2,000 feet from schools and parks.

There is no evidence that sex offenders are facing impossible challenges; just difficulties.
This is no reason to throw out a sound law approved by the voters.

I believe voters now - as they did in 2006 when they overwhelmingly passed Jessica's Law - oppose child molesters living across the street from schools.

WarpedOhio said...

Michigan AG Mike COX (fitting name) is trying to use sex offenders to win his bid for Michigan Gov. in 2010!

Warped Ohio said...

Dewey Bartlett, running for office in Oklahoma:

'Misleading' molester ad denounced by Adelson

by: P.J. LASSEK World Staff Writer
Wednesday, October 21, 2009
10/21/2009 11:52:14 AM

Tulsa Elections: Read bios of candidates for mayor, City Council and city auditor and view a map of City Council districts.

Read a letter from Tom Adelson’s attorney asking local media to stop playing Dewey Bartlett Jr.’s latest campaign ad.
Mayoral candidate Tom Adelson said his opponent Dewey Bartlett Jr. has taken his campaign into the gutter with a new "misleading, downright false" TV ad implying that Adelson is soft on child molesters.

"I deeply resent the defamatory attack from the Bartlett campaign," Adelson said during a news conference Tuesday at a River Parks playground near 18th Street.

"Major" Mori said...

found it

"Major" Mori said...

book is ahead but jindal is a close second, im for him