Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The "Holy Shiitakes!" Award

This particular award is for people who don't fit in with the other awards. This is basically the dumping grounds for those times when someone deserves an award but don't know where else to put it. Anything goes in this awards... well, almost anything.


Warped Ohio said...

Political cartoon with a noose that says "The only legal loophole fore level 3 sexual predators."

The publisher of this little bit of nonsense is Mike Walter, and his email is .

NOTE: The cartoonist is Jeff Johnson, and he's a syndicated cartoonist in Washington.

I'm not sure if the KR is the only paper to carry this cartoon.

Johnson's site:

Warped Ohio said...

ThinAir Wireless CEO Howard J. Wakefield III, nicknamed "Trip," trult IS a trip. A one way trip to Mars!

Public Safety or Private Profit?

ThinAir Wireless CEO Howard J. Wakefield III, otherwise known as Trip, describes himself as a born-again Baptist and "serial entrepreneur," who, according to one professional profile, has "had a few successes, some spectacular failures but learned from each of them." Based in Houston, TX, his professional goal is to "Positively Impact 20 Million People By The Year 2020." It's not clear exactly how he would measure his progress, but it probably has something to do with getting people to buy his products, which include tracking devices for "children, pets, and vehicles." (Currently, "by becoming part of that mission, you can save up to 50% on both the POM Pilot GPS Tracker and the POM Altert System.")

Wakefield and fellow developers of the POM Offender Locator argue that their product is all about public safety. On its official Facebook page, which has 24,890 monthly active users and more than 5,000 fans, they make the case:

Due to the overwhelming increase in registered sexual predator's (sic) living among us, it just makes sense to want to help everyone to have the tools and foresight necessary to be able to make the right decisions about where they allow their kids to play.

By not knowing where Registered Sex Offenders live, it is like playing "Russian Roulette" with the safety of your loved ones. These individuals know who you are, and worse, know who your kids are!

It's time to "turn the tables" so that we can all make the best decisions about our kids' safety and keep them from becoming another statistic. They are counting on us to protect them, because they, like you, have no idea with whom they might inadvertently mingle and these predators tend to repeat their offenses at an alarming rate.

"Together we can make a difference!" the Facebook page says. "We have made it so easy for you to do your part, by first educating yourself, then helping to educate others by sharing this application."

Warped Ohio said...

Time for Dr. Phil to "Get Real!" Exploiting the registry and fear mongering must mean Dr. Phil's ratings are slipping. On the Sept. 24 taping on the Jaycee Dugard case, Dr. Swill claimed every dot on the registry is a serial pedophile with 50 victims on average. He's been quoted in many news outlets as of late claiming the same thing, using the term "monsters." I think instead of an Emmy, he deserves a Shiitake!

Warped Ohio said...

Just another numbnut tabloid exploiting Predator Panic:

Each week BUSTED publishes hundreds of Mug Shots of Local People throughout your community who were arrested during the previous week.

Murder to Misdemeanors, Possession to Prostitution. Each week the Busted Crime Investigation Team scours the files of county courthouses across the country, Searching For the Truth!

Was your neighbor Driving While Intoxicated, Is there a Registered Sex Offender living around the corner; What about that Rapist you heard about on the news; BUSTED Lets You Know!

Who tops your communities Most Wanted list. Have you seen a list of Missing Children lately - BUSTED Keeps You Informed!


As law-abiding citizens we have the right to know; The Right to Know, who’s broken the law; The right to know, Who’s Been BUSTED. We read about them, we talk about them, and sometimes our lives are even impacted by them.

Now, thanks to the creators of BUSTED, you can stay informed! Is it the cashier from your local Grocery Store, maybe a Co-Worker, or what about that Handyman that’s working on your house! It Could Even, be Someone You Met Online.

As one local law enforcement official stated: “If it makes one person think twice about breaking the law, I’d like to see BUSTED in every store in our city.”

Busted is printed weekly and available at your local, convenience store, liquor store, independent market, and gas stations throughout your community.