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Nominate 2009 Hardest Fall (Political Scandals)

Without a doubt, Mark "The Page Master" Foley has proven that the bigger they are, the harder they fall. With politicos, its not a matter of IF but WHEN. We had quite a few bigwigs caught with their pants down, both figuratively and literally. But one thing they all had in common- a lack of accountability. Funny how Foley STILL minimizes and denies his actions. Anyhoo, we can always expect a few good sex scandals in our government as long as they continue to lie to the people about the nature of sex crimes, and demand these laws that don't apply to them. Sadly, this Shiitake Award may serve as their only true punishment this year!


WarpedOhio said...

Our first political scandal for the next election season.
Chris Ortloff, 61, was arrested in a Plattsburgh-area motel room in a State Police sting at about 5 p.m.

Ortloff, who allegedly had arranged a date on the Internet with an underage victim he thought would provide sex, had child porn and what was described as "sex paraphernalia" in his possession, according to the officials...

"He was always the tough-on-crime guy in the Assembly who wanted to increase the criminal penalties for all kinds of sex crimes," said a former associate.
But suddenly on Tuesday, a secret hearing in Binghamton was convened by video conference and Ortloff, a former commissioner of the state Parole Board, pleaded guilty from the Washington County Jail in Salem where he was being held to a single federal felony charge of enticement of minors and walked out of jail, home for Christmas, courtesy of Judge Thomas J. McAvoy, Republicanism on the bench, appointed in 1986 by then president Ronald Reagan.
The former legislator and state parole commissioner shouldn’t have been rewarded—-or bribed as the case may be—to be granted his freedom and allowed home for Christmas after admitting literally hunting down his prey, underage females. There’s supposed to be “equal justice for all”, not special privileges for the politically connected like Ortloff.

December 25, 2008 8:19 PM

More on Ortloff:

Ortloff, a former member of the state Parole Board, pleaded guilty to a single count of online enticement of minors. The conviction carries a minimum 10-year prison sentence and a maximum of life in prison.

By signing the plea agreement with federal prosecutors, Ortloff avoided indictment and accepted responsibility for his crimes. The government, in turn, agreed to recommend a reduced sentence. Ortloff's plea hearing was abruptly added to the court's calendar late Tuesday and without public notice by federal prosecutors. Normally, plea hearings are scheduled at least several days in advance and made part of the court's public calendar. During the plea proceeding, which took place via video conference with Ortloff in Albany and U.S. District Senior Judge Thomas J. McAvoy in Binghamton, the judge ordered Ortloff released with conditions on a personal recognizance bond of $100,000 pending his sentencing, set for April 23 in Binghamton.

Anonymous said...;topStories

"A federal judge accused of gropping two female court employees as he tried to force himself on the women and have them perform sex acts pleaded guilty on Monday to obstruction of justice in exchange for sex-related charges being dropped.

U.S. District Judge Samuel Kent, the first federal judge charged with a sex crime, retired Monday, avoiding possible impeachment by Congress.

Kent's guilty plea came as jury selection in his trial was to begin."

Another double standard. Hm....

WarpedOhio said...

Former prosecutor gets house arrest for corrupting minors

By Larry King

Inquirer Staff Writer
Anthony Cappuccio had an image that inspired trust.

In the Bucks County District Attorney's Office, he was a rising star who aggressively prosecuted corrupt public officials, drunken drivers, and child molesters.

At First United Methodist Church in Perkasie, Cappuccio was seen as a married father of two, a police officer's son entrusted with serving as a youth leader.

Cappuccio, 32, recklessly betrayed that trust.

He provided alcohol and smoked pot with some of the teens at concerts, then let them drive home. He engaged in a lengthy sexual relationship with one of the boys.

He viewed pornographic images of young males on his office computer. He cheated on his pregnant wife, once cutting short a vacation for a rendezvous with the teen boy.

"He was living a lie," defense attorney Louis Busico said yesterday in Bucks County Court, where Cappuccio pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of children, corrupting minors, and other offenses.

Those crimes will cost Cappuccio no time in jail, though.

Judge C. Theodore Fritsch Jr. gave Cappuccio three to 23 months in the Bucks County prison, but allowed him to serve it on house arrest. Cappuccio also will be granted work-release while serving the sentence, which will be followed by seven years of probation.

Senior Deputy Attorney General E. Marc Costanzo, who prosecuted the case, said the victims' families had hoped for more.

"They anticipated that he'd have an actual sentence of incarceration, rather than what basically amounts to being grounded in his own bedroom for a few months," Costanzo said. The victims' parents declined to speak to reporters.

Cappuccio was a senior deputy district attorney until September, when police in Richland Township found him partially clothed with a 17-year-old boy in his parked car.

The teen and two others told authorities that Cappuccio had gone with them to rock concerts in Philadelphia, Upper Darby, and Reading, where he bought them alcohol or smoked marijuana with them. Costanzo said Cappuccio had allowed them to drive home, after drinking or smoking pot, from as far away as the Meadowlands in New Jersey.

Stephanie Matsinger Dockery, Cappuccio's replacement as a youth leader, read a letter to him in court, saying he had left parents and children at the church suspicious of their adult leaders. "If you can't trust the good-looking, churchgoing assistant district attorney, well, then, who can you trust?" she said.

Dockery also read a letter from the teen boy who said he "felt loved," but ultimately confused, by his relationship with Cappuccio. "I was living in a fantasy world that had no future," the boy wrote.

Dockery added: "Anthony and I both know there's more than one." Costanzo refused to comment on her remark after the hearing.

Cappuccio's wife, with whom he has two small children, has filed for divorce, and he works in an undisclosed restaurant.

About 30 family members and friends packed the courtroom in support of Cappuccio. None testified, but at Busico's request, all stood at one point for the judge to see.

Cappuccio tearfully read a statement in which he apologized to his colleagues, to his family, to the church and its youth, to the D.A.'s Office and the courts, and, ultimately, to God.

"No words can express the deep regret and sorrow I feel for betraying so many people," he said.

Busico said Cappuccio had been living in denial of his sexual orientation for many years before acting upon it. "The lesson here," Busico said, "is that you have to be true to yourself."

But Costanzo said that wasn't the issue. Indulging in booze and pot with teens and having sex with them is a crime whether it involves boys or girls, he said.

"This isn't a case about his struggles with his sexual identity," Costanzo said. "It is about an adult put in a position of trust with children."

Lunarshape said...

I think this award should go to Mark Lunsford, the father of late Jessica Lunsford. Mark defended draconian sex offender laws while trying to hide his own sons sex crime of fondling a 14-year-old girl.
Also, what Mark has spent the Jessica Marie Lunsford Foundation donation money on has been very questionable.
Not to mention, Mark himself has viewed kid porn on his home computer before.
As a result, it appears Mr. Lunsford is bowing out. But let's make sure he grabs his award first.
~Rest In Peace Jessica~

WarpedOhio said...

Contra Costa Co. Sex Crimes Prosecutor Michael Gressett charged with rape:

(07-26) 20:29 PDT -- As Michael Gressett waited for a jury verdict in a molestation trial, the Contra Costa County sex crimes prosecutor had what he called a "nooner," bringing a fellow prosecutor to his Martinez home for intercourse.

What happened next, on May 8, 2008, is the subject of an explosive rape case brought by the state attorney general. It involves a gun and an ice pick, but rests on a simple question that Gressett often asks juries to decide: Was the sex consensual or forced?

The case returns to court today. Gressett, 52, who has lost three bids to be elected district attorney, plans to argue that state prosecutors have been unduly influenced by his political opponents in his own office. He wants a special prosecutor assigned.

Whoever takes on the case will have to sort through allegations played against the backdrop of a legal office where talk of sex toys and role-playing was apparently the norm.

Gressett's 30-year-old accuser, a prosecutor from another unit, says she wanted to sleep with him and undressed before objecting to the type of sex he initiated. He pressed on, she told police, sodomizing her, holding a gun to her head, handcuffing her and jamming ice into her before making threats.

"I remember crying and begging him to stop," she told police, according to a transcript of one of her interviews.

Gressett says the sex was kinky but mutual - that a gun, cuffs and ice were brought out but only in a playful way. Not only did his partner not object, he told his office during a personnel probe, but she mocked the small size of the handgun. She stopped him on the way back out of his townhouse, he said, and gave him oral sex.

"I did not wake up one day at 51 years old," Gressett said to internal investigators, "and go completely nuts."

Read more:

Anonymous said...

I dunno how hard this fall will be but I wanted to Nominate Dr Phil.|main|dl3|link2|