Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shiitake 2011 special award: Nominate dumbest compliance operation name

Now that the US Marshals have jurisdiction over compliance checks, they have abused the privilege. They also love making stupid names for their various Gestapo operations. This award will be for the dumbest operation name. Feel free to send in your nomination today!

Nominees so far:

1. Ector Co., TX's Registration, Enforcement, Apprehension and Prosecution team, or REAP team: They should put the E at the end, seeing as how these laws are RAPE-ing the Constitution.

2. West Pennsylvania's "Operation Grand Slam:" Why name an operation after a Denny's breakfast? Hell, if you want an accurate operation name tying in food and cops, how about Operation Dunkin' Donuts instead?

3. GA's "Operation Storm Troupers": If you immediately thought Star Wars and Darth Vader, my mind was on a more real evil dictator who had Storm Troopers and the Luftwaffe.

4. SC's "Operation AWOL": Are registrants in the army now? I wouldn't fight for this country. Or is the point of the operation to encourage non-compliance? Maybe they'll be hiding in the Denny's ordering the Grand Slam.

5. LA's "Operation Summertime Blues": At least in this case the pigs admit they are a bunch of downers.

6. TX's "Operation Chester": Forgetting the fact that TX has over 4000 kids on the registry, it is an intentional slight by a small time hick sheriff's office.

7. MO's "Operation LASER" (local Agencies Supervise and Enforce Registrations): I opt for Local OFFICERS Supervise and Enforce Registration Stupidity, or "LOSERS."

8. IL's "Operation TALON": I'm not sure what the "talon" stands for but buzzards have talons. Just a thought.

9. TX's "Operation Fury": So just to check on residences, the US Gestapo resorts to violent actions. They as well have named it "Operation Blitzkreig."

10. SC's "Operation Surefire": This compliance check is a surefire way to look like the goons you are. Idiots.

11. KS's "Operation Tornado — Tracking Offender Registration Notification And Deterrence Operation": What a fitting depiction on how this harassment destroys families and lives. 

12.  NV's "Operation Trick-or-Treat III": Like any sequel, the trick is to NOT to make lame-assed sequels. Will there be a tired T-or-T IV with the same stupid plot as the first three?

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