Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shiitake Award "Winners" for 2008!

If you missed the Shiitake Awards show on Talkshoe, you can listen to the end of the year show below:



At any rate, the Shiitake Award "Winners" are listed below if you don't want to win the show:

WORST POLITICO 2008-- Louisiana Piyush "Bobby" Jindal (74% of the vote)
-----Second Place: Arnold "The Grope-inator" Schwarzenegger (12% of the vote)

WORST STATE 2008-- Florida (40% of the vote)

-----Second Place: Louisiana (27% of the vote)

WORST NEWS MUTT 2008-- Kevin Fischer, Franklin NOW "Award Winning" Journalist- now he TRULY IS an award winning journalist LOL (53% of the vote)

-----Second Place: Brandon Melnyk (21% of the vote)

EVERYDAY ZEROES AWARD-- "Angry" Tammy Gibson, the drazy druggie/ vigilante (64% of the vote)

-----Second Place: Adrian "Slingblade" Porter (22% of the vote)

HARDEST FALL 2008-- Mark "The Page Master" Foley (74% of the vote)

-----Second Place: Toe-tapping Ida-HO Senator Larry Craig (11% of the vote)

DUMBEST RSO LAW 2008-- The Adam Walsh Act (47% of the vote)

----- Second Place: Halloween Laws (25% of the vote)

DUMBEST QUOTE 2008-- John Walsh "I said I was kidding when I was talking to the Senate and I said they were talking about electronic monitoring, which is big and unwieldy for the sex offenders, and that some of these guys, no matter what the law in their state was, would have to wear one for 20 years or whatever. I said implant it in their anus and if they go outside the radius, explode it and that would send a big message. It was a joke. Nobody thought it was funny."
(28% of the vote, 10 votes)

-----Second Place: Jindal's "Monsters" comment (9 votes, 25%)
-----Third Place: Martiny's "Can we do anything more to sex offenders?" comment (8 votes, 22%)

You can add nominations for 2009 in the Early Bird Nominations section. Make next year's awards show EVEN BIGGER!

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